Simple Counter and Simple Contact Form Update

Howdy folks! New versions of my Simple Counter and Simple Contact Form projects have been released. Please head on over to my download section where you can download the archives, or check them out on GitHub.

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Howdy, and welcome… again.

After a… hiatus, of sorts, the site/blog is back online. It has been a rough two years, but things are starting to turn around. Let’s just hope it keeps heading in a positive direction. For now, I plan on adding more code, downloads, and posts covering various topics over the…

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.htaccess Maintenance Redirect

In my line of work, I deal with a lot of people performing maintenance on their website. I often get asked how to put a redirect in place to a maintenance page or area. I get asked so much, in fact, I decided to post this on my blog. By…

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Alter WordPress’ Generator Tag

By default, WordPress adds a “generator” meta tag to your site header HTML. The content of the tag contains “WordPress” and the version you are running. For example: WordPress 3.1.3 With a simple edit of your theme functions.php file, you can either remove or alter this tag to add a…

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In my boredom, I find I do a lot of things. Some of those things range from very silly to intense coding sessions. So, out of boredom tonight, I have built a script to use the API to make pastes remotely. Below you will find the code and an…

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