Here you can find scripts and code I’ve created, and wish to share. I’ll try to release new items every month or so. If you need support, have a bug to report, or have feature ideas and suggestions, please contact me. Enjoy 🙂

  • SV's Simple Counter zip - v3.0.2 | Filesize: 23.04 kB | 7854 downloads
    A simple PHP counter that counts your website visitors. It now has the ability to either show the count as plain text, or images; and whether or not to count only unique hits, or all hits (IP based). — GitHub

  • Simple Contact Form zip - v1.0.10 | Filesize: 53.68 kB | 542 downloads
    A rather simple PHP contact form script that can be integrated into an existing site/design, or be used standalone. — GitHub

PHP Classes

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