Domain Name Portfolio: Reboot?

Hello everyone. I know it has been quite some time since my last post to this blog. I am not as involved in the domain name industry and community as I once was. Some of you may remember me from the NamePros domain name forum. At one time, I had a rather popular open source web application called “Domain Name Portfolio”.

I am wondering how much interest is out there in something like this. I have developed the script off and on for the past few years, with no public releases in several years. There are several solutions available now (both free and paid), so I am not even sure if there is an audience for this anymore. I originally developed this application in 2006 and there was not much competition or readily available solutions at that time. A big contrast compared to today.

So, who would be interested? 🙂 I fully intend on it remaining open source and being available for free. Though I’ll be honest, I’ve been out of the “game” for a while and I am a tad bit rusty.

If there is enough interest, I will get things going again and release a beta of Domain Name Portfolio as soon as possible. Let me know!

Eric Sizemore

I’m a 36 year old Web Developer, Programmer, and Domainer. I specialize in PHP and MySQL, and have used both extensively since early 2005.

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