PayPal Masspay File Generator

What is PayPal Masspay? - PayPal masspay is what businesses use to pay out to multiple recipients with no fees. Works well when you have to pay a lot of people ;)

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(NOTE: One per line!)


(NOTE: You can only use ONE currency for this entire file!)

(NOTE: This is optional, and it can only be up to 30 characters, one per line!)

(NOTE: This is optional, one per line!)


  • In the first field, enter your recipients' email addresses. In the second field, enter the payment amounts for each recipient. In the third field, choose the three-letter currency code for the currency of the payment (only one currency type is allowed for each Mass Payment file).
  • An optional fourth field lets you enter a unique identifier for each customer for easier overall record-keeping. Businesses often identify their customers using unique identifiers. The unique identifier must be equal to or less than 30 characters, and must not contain any spaces. Examples of name format: Pitel, John; John_Pitel; JohnPitel.
  • You may enter customized notes for payment recipients in a fifth column.
  • Individual payments to your recipients cannot exceed 10,000.00 USD, 5,550.00 GBP, 8,000.00 EUR, 1,000,000 JPY, 12,500.00 AUD, 12,500.00 CAD, 13,000.00 CHF, 240,000.00 CZK, 60,000.00 DKK, 2,000,000 HUF, 80,000.00 HKD, 40,000.00 ILS, 110,000.00 MXN, 70,000.00 NOK, 15,000.00 NZD, 32,000.00 PLN, 80,000.00 SEK, or 16,000.00 SGD.
  • Payments in different currencies cannot be included in the same Mass Payment file. Create separate Mass Payment files for each currency you wish to send.