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Howdy, and welcome… again.

After a… hiatus, of sorts, the site/blog is back online. It has been a rough two years, but things are starting to turn around. Let’s just hope it keeps heading in a positive direction. 🙂 For now, I plan on adding more code, downloads, and posts covering various topics over…

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Site/Blog Update

Howdy ya’ll 🙂 After giving it some thought, I have updated the blog and removed several posts. So that is why you will see a big gap between the first post and my recent one. I will not go into details why but I plan to try and focus on…

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Howdy, and welcome.

Howdy folks! Eric Sizemore here, aka SecondVersion, aka SecondV. I originally started a blog on Blogger back in 2005, and then moved to WordPress. After four years of blogging I decided to call it quits a couple months ago. But, here I am again! This will be as a hobby…

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