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WordPress: Alter Generator Tag

By default, WordPress adds a “generator” meta tag to your site header HTML. The content of the tag contains “WordPress” and the version you are running. For example: WordPress 3.1.3 With a simple edit of your theme functions.php file, you can either remove or alter this tag to add a…

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In my boredom, I find I do a lot of things. Some of those things range from very silly to intense coding sessions. So, out of boredom tonight, I have built a script to use the API to make pastes remotely. Below you will find the code and an…

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Updating YUI for vBulletin 3.8

Note: I have also posted this at In vBulletin 4, the developers recently upgraded the bundled YUI version to 2.9.0 from 2.7.0. Since vB 3.8 is EOL, I found a way to manually update the bundled YUI version. I’ve tested vB 3.8 with YUI 2.9.0 as much as I…

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[PHP] – Valid URL Checking

To keep it short and sweet today, the following is a PHP function that will check the input for a valid URL, and will also check to see if it is responding (ie: returning Status: 200 OK).

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